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PLC and visualization software development


After approval of the functional analysis, the software is developed according our own proper software standard or if applicable the customers software standard.

In order to visualize the automated processes and to provide in a flexible and operator friendly user interface we make use of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems.

All the developed software is fully tested and simulated in house before commissioning. According to the customers’ requirements these tests can be documented with FAT and SAT test protocols.

After the commissioning of the software EESB Process Automation provides the required post- go-live service, where possible by means of secure remote connections, if not possible (for security reasons) by on-site visits.

Used PLC Platforms / software:

  • Siemens S5, Siemens S7 300 and S7400
  • Siemens S71200, S71500
  • Allen-Bradley

Used Visualization Platforms :

  • Siemens WinCC SCADA and WinCC Unified
  • Siemens TIA panels (Basic, Comfort and Unified)

EESB Process Automation is a Siemens Solution Partner