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EESB Process Automation

About EESB Process Automation

In today’s increasingly digital landscape, automation isn’t just a passing trend—it’s essential. It is our daily challenge to successfully integrate these automation processes. By doing this our customers fully take advantage of all its possible benefits. Based on the experience and knowledge of our project teams, EESB Process Automation offers advanced automation solutions for different process related sectors. Our software engineers aren’t just skilled coders, they’re experienced professionals in process optimization, guaranteeing that your systems are tuned to meet your requirements.

Automation is our core business and this in its broadest sense: PLC and SCADA software development, tailor made .Net solutions, linking PLC and SCADA with MES and ERP layers, tracking and tracing, RFID solutions, delivery of virtualized hardware platforms…

With our proprietary PLC and SCADA standards we deliver enhanced value to our customers at different levels:

  • Boosted productivity and enhanced production reliability
  • Elevated quality standards and streamlined quality management
  • Enhanced production flexibility to adapt to evolving demands

Through the years, business unit EESB Process Automation specialized in the different markets:

  • Breweries
  • Dairy industry
  • Life science
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Textile
  • Food processing
  • Personal care and household
  • Infrastructure Projects

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EESB Process Automation

Tel. +32 (0) 360 77 77
Mail: bart.vaneyndt@eiffage.com