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Electrical Engineering and Installations


In order to deliver turnkey solutions, the electrical-pneumatic hardware must perfectly fit to the process installation, the required process functionalities and the automation software.

Therefore EESB Process Automation also provides the necessary services for the hardware engineering and construction of the electrical-pneumatic installations.

The electrical-pneumatic installations are engineered according the local legislations concerning the construction of electrical installations.

  • Engineering Electrical-pneumatic drawings
    • Assistance customer during determination external influences
    • Generation of the electrical-pneumatic drawings in E-Plan or ACAD
    • Generation of panel and mounting plate lay-outs
    • Generation of all listings (cabling, terminal, material lists)
    • Drawings according to customer specifications
    • Accurate version control, and generation As-built files
    • Delivery of drawings in source code to the customer
  • Construction of Electrical-pneumatic Cabinets
    • Construction of electrical-pneumatic “maintenance friendly” cabinets
    • Hygienic or painted steel execution
    • Completely pre-tested in the workshops
    • With EAT (Electrical Acceptance Test) as required
  • Electrical Cabling and Mounting works on-site
    • Mounting constructed cabinets on-site (on existing constructions or custom
      made support)
    • Installation of cable trays
    • Execution of the electrical field cabling from installation to cabinets
    • Execution of the necessary field cabling tests